Done with Dandruff! (The ONLY dandruff solution that worked for me)

For my first ever post here, let me talk about a problem I’ve had since forever which I recently just solved. Let me talk to you about my Dandruff story and how I fought it.

I have had dandruff for as long as I can remember. The itchy, thick, big flaky type of dandruff and it was a nightmare! It would show through my hairline and the hair on the side of my face. It would even sometimes reach in my eyebrows and it was absolutely embarrassing. There was not a minute where I wasn’t brushing off teeny tiny white flakes from my shoulder most specially if I was wearing black or any dark colored garments.

I’ve tried a lot of products for years just to find a solution to it. I’ve tried different brands of anti-dandruff shampoos like Head and Shoulders, Gard, and other anti dandruff variants of other brands.  I’ve also tried Nizoral shampoo and got to a point where I’d use Sulfur soap on my hair! The result, overly dry frizzy hair!I guess the said brands were just not effective for me. Sometimes these products could be case to case basis, right?  People would advise me to just use conditioner only or use shampoo alternately like use it every other day or to switch shampoos every now and then, But guess what? Still no help at all. I was desperate and frustrated.

Then my husband said I should try this shampoo since this was how my Father-in-law got rid of his dandruff. One of our instructors in microbiology who happened to be a doctor also mentioned this in her lectures on fungal problems. My husband told me months ago but never really tried it since we couldn’t find it in drugstores here in our small city ( His father bought it in London). So I didn’t really bother to find one since I was also busy. 3 weeks ago I went online and decided to order one and was so happy that it was available on Lazada. This post is definitely NOT SPONSORED in any way. I just want to simply share my dandruff solution to you guys.

So the product that I’m blabbing about here is SELSUN BLUE MEDICATED SHAMPOO. It has the strong and mild type I guess for daily use but I opted to try the strong one with the red bottle cap because my case is surely not the mild case.

It arrived in our house a bit longer than expected since there was an additional 15 days of shipping due to airline safety restrictions and I was itching’ to try it! If you know what I mean. ha ha!


Here you can read its indications, warnings and directions. It says you can use it twice a week but I used it every other day for seven days. So the course of treatment was for 14 days in my case since I used it for every other day. Others used it daily for 7 days. I’ve read reviews that it thoroughly dried their hair and others said it caused them hair fall which is why i chose to use it every other day since I want faster results as well. I used my usual conditioner after shampooing with Selsun Blue and used my usual shampoo on days in between using the product.

The shampoo itself is colored blue  ( blue-green shade) hence the name of the product. It has this strong minty smell but tolerable.


So how was it using the product?

On my first day of use, I immediately saw drastic results. I am exaggerating or what. It was as if the flakes where washed off after washing and I could on see a few flakes left. It had this cooling effect on my scalp. No sting at all like how i read in one review. BUT, true indeed that it left my scalp, a little bit dry. I simply used conditioner afterwards to alleviate the dryness. So I continued using it and all my dandruff were gone after my third use. Still, I continued to use it for seven days (every other day) to ensure that all the dandruff would be eliminated.

Its now been a week since I stopped using the product and I’m now dandruff free! For real! At present, I am using my usual shampoo and not Selsun blue. I have read reviews that after a while of not using it, the flakes reappear. So I guess I’ll have to use the product once in awhile for now on, or get the milder version one day for daily use. But for now, It has been great. I no longer have to worry about dandruff on my shoulders or the itchiness that goes along with it.

I didn’t think I’d ever find a solution to my dandruff since as I’ve said I have had dandruff for as long as I can remember so this product is more of a miracle if not a blessing to me.


1. It has immediate results! After first wash!
2. It has it’s cooling effect.
3. It is THE ONLY thing that worked for me. SERIOUSLY!


1. It is drying to the hair and scalp. (Just use conditioner afterwards)
2. There is a possibility of reappearance. (You can use the product once a week after the initial treatment or after you get rid of the dandruff)
3. It could not be readily available anywhere. (Some say it could be available in Mercury drug stores but here in our city, It was not. Thankfully, online shopping exist! Yey for that!)

I really hope this post could help those who have been literally suffering from dandruff and the embarrassment that it can cause. This is based on how my scalp responded to Selsun blue, It could differ from other individuals. This is not sponsored, I am simply sharing my experience as I really want to help others as well.

Hope you get good results too!

God Bless everyone!

Have a bright sunny day!